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Our Aims and Ethos

Riverston School provides a warm, caring and stimulating environment where children will learn new skills. We excel at providing each child with the right skills to prepare them for life in the wider world. We are part of a community characterised by a profound respect for and encouragement of diversity, where important differences among children and adults are celebrated. What drives us is ensuring that children have the best possible life chances and that they are not limited by the  perceptions of themselves and what they might achieve in life.

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Riverston Nursery

Riverston Nursery

Riverston Nursery and Early Years Department operates a morning, afternoon or a full day  programme for children aged 9 months to 4 years old.

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Riverston School

Riverston School

Our ethos and approach in the senior school remains focused on developing the unique skills, talents and abilities of every individual pupil with personalised education plans for everyone.

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Riverston College

Riverston College

Riverston College is our offering for students of 16 years and above with courses and programmes that allow our students to realise their ambitions and to progress further.

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I am delighted to welcome you to Riverston School and College. If we have the pleasure of you visiting in person, you will quickly see we are a very unique setting with the reality of inclusion at our core. We are an independent school in the heart of London, and reflect the diversity that surrounds us. Our students reach across all abilities and backgrounds. Our small classes and nurturing environment provides the platform for success that a traditional educational setting cannot provide. Many of our students come from a place of broken relationships with the school system, difficult experiences in their peer relationships or a lack of empathy and understanding from professionals working with them. We look to repair relationships and trust in the school system so that students feel safe enough, and happy enough, to reach their academic potential.

Our extensive therapy team including drama therapy, occupational therapy and speech and language therapy, allow us to cater for students with wide ranging needs, including those with mental health difficulties as well as learning needs. We offer a broad and rich curriculum which includes GCSEs, A Levels and BTECs, alongside a range of life skills courses that help prepare our young people for life beyond secondary education. Our future focused ethos means we take a very child centred approached and look to tailor our provision to the needs of each individual, leading them to where they want be in adulthood. Whether that is further education, employment or simply being able to live independently, our focus is on the child and family voice and their hopes and aspirations. We very much hope you will have the chance to visit our fantastic school, so we can show you our ethos and values in practice.

Guy Baker, Headteacher

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Today we had a teddy bear picnic for lunch. How adorable was todays set up by @thepollenpartnership 🐻 #teddybearpicnic #lunch #riverstonschool #talkeducation #greenwichschool #SEN #semh
♫ Beats Making Club ♫

Year 10 students hone their skills making music with Mr Turner. This is a real chance for creativity and innovation. Mr Turner is a passionate musician who has a real ability to inspire the students he teaches. A real asset to Riverston. 

Recently we caught up with some of our students to gather what their favourite memories/moments were of this academic year💙

Some of which left us feeling absolutely in awe of how brilliant our students are and how everything they do amounts to how wonderful our school community truly is! 🏫 

If you have a spare moment take a look at some of the quotes along with pictures to highlight these special moments 🎥
🎭Theatre Club🎭

Performing arts is a fantastic way to build confidence and self esteem. We have an abundance of talented actors at Riverston. Two of whom are very much showing their commitment and passion in this photo.

#theatreclub #enrichment #commitment #passion #confidence
Recently in Science our Year 11 students have been learning about the Greenhouse Effect💧

Taking a look at how gases in the atmosphere, such as carbon dioxide, trap heat similar to the glass roof of a greenhouse🔬

 #science #year11 #carbondioxide #gases
Some of our students this morning set off for their Duke of Edinburgh expedition! How exciting🤩 It was great to see that they had settled earlier today for some lunch and are looking forward to more of the expedition tomorrow as well🚶

#dukeofedinburgh #expedition

At Riverston we specialise in nurturing success for students aged 11-19, who have learning differences.

We have outstanding teachers, in school therapists, very small classes, and a multiple pathway curriculum that ensures each student finds their own success in our school and in life