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Riverston Nursery and Pre-School:

We welcome enquiries for the Nursery and Pre-School at all times of the school year and will contact parents or carers to make an appointment to view the facility and meet the staff upon receipt. We arrange ’settles’, or time for the child to meet the staff and children in the Nursery and to become familiar with their surroundings, before joining. Our aim is to make the transition from home to the Nursery environment as smooth as possible. Nursery sessions will be agreed with the Head of Early Years.

Riverston Senior School and College:

There is no entrance exam for admission to Riverston School and College and children can join at any stage of the school term or academic year.  It is our aim, and the ethos of Riverston School, that we provide a bespoke education, focusing on each child, through a multi-disciplinary approach. 
To this end, we look at the whole child. If, after considering a number of factors, we feel we can support your child we will invite you both to the school for a tour and to meet staff, after which taster days will be arranged to give a great idea of what life at Riverston School and College is all about.


We recognise that every child is different, and that they will develop, grow and learn at different rates and in different ways.  Our teaching, support, encouragement and motivation for each child recognises these differences and is personalised and individualised for them.


Our highly qualified and experienced teachers work alongside speech and language therapists, our occupational therapists, counsellor and learning support specialists to meet any additional learning needs that a child may require at specific times in their development and school career.


We believe that every child has talents and abilities that should be nurtured and developed.  We will stretch and challenge every child whilst supporting and encouraging them to achieve more than they might believe possible.

"Before she joined this school she couldn’t pick up a book and read. Now, she is constantly reading. I don’t even recognise my own daughter."
Year 9 parent