Information Communication Technology and Computer Science

The teaching of ICT and Computer Science involves the use of computers to communicate information, process data, produce media or to control machines. Pupils learn how to use word processors, DTP software, spread sheets, databases, web design, sound, and video and graphics applications. Pupils work at their own workstation in our well-equipped ICT suites and have on-line access to network files and the Internet. Pupils are encouraged to email accounts to store, transfer and backup their work. Pupils have their own school email address and can use file attachments to transfer work between home and school. The facilities include a variety of software for cross curricular activities and for GCSE coursework in Years 10 and 11 and A Level Computer Science classes in Riverston College.

Computers are an important tool used widely in the world outside school. It is inevitable that pupils will use a computer and other ICT equipment after leaving school so the skills and confidence gained in using this equipment in these lessons are vital to pupil’s success in the future.

Although it is useful for pupils to have access to a computer at home, it is not absolutely essential. What is important, however, is that pupils have as much hands on experience as possible, i.e. using computers with different types of software. Pupils can also access the ICT suite at lunchtimes and after school in an effort to maintain a high standard of work throughout the curriculum.

"As soon as I visited, I could feel the warm, caring atmosphere."
Parent - Reception Class