Riverston College

Douglas the Therapy Dog

Riverston College is our offering for students of 16 years and above which offers a selection of courses that will help them develop a range of life skills furthers their independence, confidence and self-belief.  These programmes will allow them to achieve success, realise their ambitions and progress further. 

The atmosphere and opportunities offered at Riverston College enable the students to grow as individuals within the security of a close and supportive community.

There are many opportunities to ‘take the lead’ either as Ambassadors or through the schools own Leadership Award programme. 

More ‘traditional’ academic subject offerings are not neglected and students are also able to study these at GCSE, BTEC and A Level at Riverston College to underpin other studies.  Further flexibility in our approach comes from our ability to offer these programmes over more than the usual 2-year programme.

Riverston College has forged links with other colleges to allow students a wide variety of additional study options – for example Animal Management or Dog Grooming.

The social aspects of being a Riverston College student should not be overlooked and activities and events are arranged throughout the year to complement the diverse curriculum. 

"Surely we could never had come this far without Riverston College, and we are 100% sure that continuing college there would be beneficial for him and for the whole family."
Year 11 parent