90 Balloons Up,Up and Away!

What a fantastic start to the 90 Events we had today. The whole school, from Nursery to Year 14 created the number “90” on the playground and held a specially made Riverston 90 Years balloon ready to be let go into the London skyline.


The Mayor of Greenwich, Cllr Norman Adams did a count down for the release of the balloons and was accompanied by Prof. Lewis and Mrs Salathiel. It was quite a sight. Very quickly the red balloons climbed high into the afternoon sky and drifted far into the distance.


The Junior pupils had a tag tied to their balloon with their name and school #tag and web address on it, so we hope that if anyone finds one miles away from school they will contact us and the furthest distance balloon owner will get a big prize! How exciting!


Following the fun with the balloons, the school made their way to Sutcliffe Park and walked around the perimeter. That distance is exactly a mile, so we have also completed at least 90 miles walking this afternoon.


It has been a fun-packed day at Riverston, enjoyed by everyone taking part in the launch of our 90 Events for our 90th Year. Well done every pupil and member of staff who so wholeheartedly took part in this inaugural event. Brilliant Riverston School!