Chatsworth Schools Group

We are delighted to announce that Riverston School is now part of the Chatsworth Schools group. The Chatsworth Schools team has a track record of exceptional educational leadership, a passion for schools as learning communities and particular expertise in learning support practices that allow children to flourish and exceed expectations. Through high standards, excellent pastoral care and by fostering a love of learning in a supportive environment, Chatsworth Schools enable all pupils to be confident and well-rounded individuals.
The change in ownership will not affect daily life at the school which will continue to operate as normal with a bright future for the whole school community. Professor Michael Lewis MBE, Chairman of The Riverston Group, has joined Chatsworth Schools as a Governor and will be contributing to the future development of Riverston, Beech Hall and Chatsworth’s other UK schools.
Please contact Mrs Sarah Salathiel, Headmistress, with any questions about this exciting news. Further information on Chatsworth Schools can be found here: