Indonesia Shelter Box Appeal

The students, led by the Head Girl and the Prefects and fully supported by the staff at Riverston, are raising money in order to purchase a Shelter Box to send out to the unfortunate people of Sulawesi, in Indonesia, who have suffered horrendous conditions as a result of recent earthquakes and a tsunami. 

For the next 3 weeks we will be holding “Mufti Fridays” to collect as much money as possible to get to the purchase price of £590.00. Each member of the school, pupils and staff, will pay £5.00 to wear their own clothes to school. Collectively this should get close to the target, but any other voluntary contributions would be warmly and gladly welcomed. 

As a school we feel it is our duty to help and support others in the world who are suffering and not as fortunate as we are in the UK. Let’s hope we can get at least one Shelter Box to send on its’ way to this stricken country.