Prof Michael Lewis MBE and Mrs J Lewis Farewell

On Thursday 29 April it was a delight to welcome Prof Michael Lewis MBE, and Mrs Janina Lewis to bid a passionate farewell, and say thank you for a remarkable journey that has taken place over decades to provide a most unique, reputable and nurturing school for so many pupils past and present.

An informal ceremony took place outside school when a plaque was revealed to commemorate the incredible work that the Lewis family have done over so many years since 1956 when the school was first acquired by them.

This blue plaque gives a daily reminder to staff, pupils and visitors of the “remarkable journey” that has taken place and the love and passion that Prof Lewis, his wife Janina and his parents have instilled into Riverston School with true inspiration.

There will always be a reminder on the school building to remember this most sad but equally celebratory occasion.