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Landmark Opportunity for Parents in Dubai  Dubai’s Happiness Index is set to soar – The Riverston School Dubai is set to open in 2018

Riverston School Dubai will implement its highly successful educational model from the UK to cater for parents in Dubai.

3 June, 2018: Dubai’s schools are known to be big and bold much like the City’s skyline but this is set to change in September, 2018 as The Riverston School Dubai opens its doors for the first time.

Up until now, parents within Dubai have been forced to send their children to big schools with large class sizes, and factory like systems. Riverston School Dubai is set to attract parents who are searching for the small school model, with specialist teachers and with class sizes going up to a maximum of 15 children. The School will follow the National Curriculum for England and will be located in Nad Al Sheba and will cater for children from Foundation Stage 2 to Year 6.

This news will certainly strike a chord with parents in Dubai who have complained about the lack of schools that have modelled the very best of the UK independent sector. The School will operate as a branch campus of Riverston School London, opened in 1926, and it will mirror the London school’s highly successful individualised model of education. Commenting on the launch, Founding Principal, David Quick said “The Riverston School Dubai will be a small school (around 300 students) with small classes, expert staff and a real family atmosphere. Every child will have their individualised learning programme. We are particularly passionate about working with children who for a number of reasons (such as bullying, language difficulties, and learning needs) might be struggling or unhappy in other schools.’

Back in November 2017, the Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA) launched the Dubai Inclusive Education Policy Framework. The Framework was designed to ensure that schools welcome all types of children. Riverston School Dubai will adopt each aspect of this policy, as the School will have specialist facilities, and most importantly, specialist teachers who will design individual learning programmes for the children.

The Director of Inclusion, Hayley Pearson, noted Our highly qualified and experienced teachers will work alongside speech and language therapists, occupational therapists and learning support specialists to meet any additional learning needs that a child may require at specific times in their development and time at the school.”

Prof. Michael Lewis, Chairman of the Riverston Group, says: “We are absolutely thrilled to be opening a Riverston School in Dubai. This region has an unmet demand for schools which are truly able to support children who need a small setting and a more individualized provision to thrive. We have the expertise to help fill that gap, and I feel grateful for the privilege to do that thanks to the KHDA’s vision and support. We already operate the Riverston Children’s Centre in Umm Suqeim, which provides early intervention and therapy services for children in Dubai, and I look forward to see David Quick, the Founding Principal, build a collaboration between the school and the centre”.

It is clear that competition is the new norm in the education sector, and in September 2018, up to twelve new schools are set to open in Dubai, offering a range of curricular, in different locations across the city. Education experts have argued for the need for schools that offer programmes and curricular that meet parental demands across the city. Rivertson Dubai will welcome children from all families. Substantial support and focus will be given to core areas of the National Curriculum such as English and Maths, and to the Arabic Language.


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