As a school, we conduct parent surveys throughout the year to gain feedback and information that can help us grow as a school and a community. Here are some of the comments parents left in our July 2022 survey about their experience of our school:

The size of Riverston makes it a really attractive school, which fosters community and relationship building and engagement.

This is an excellent school for children with moderate special needs

The teachers are nurturing and loving while providing the structure and guidance to my kid. The small class size ensures excellent involvement between child and teacher. My girl has been made to feel valued and happy as well as feels her opinion matters, which is important in over all development as she never felt the same in Primary School.

The best decision I made was picking Riverston for my child.

The school's provision for young people on the autism spectrum is outstanding. Our son has become a confident, happy young man since joining Riverston.

My daughter is always happy going to school. She now has someone she can call a friend.

The school is supportive, inclusive, and caring and every child matters.

The emotional and mental health support provided at Riverston is exceptional.

Riverston has changed my son's life . The incredible work and commitment by staff is fantastic. Riverston not only cares about the academic results but mostly important the students Wellbeing! A great school with a nurture environment. I would definitely recommend Riverston as it is a great place to fulfill any student needs and dream. Well done Riverston!!!

Riverston is a kind and welcoming nursery that our child has settled in well. All of the staff in the nursery greet him as if they work closely with him and he has built excellent relationships with his key worker. Often settling on arrival, if upset, on site of his key worker.

We are so grateful that we chose Riverston school for our daughter. All staff have consistently been helpful and supportive to her and us. We really appreciate the excellent work by the leadership team and all other staff in making Riverston the supportive and friendly community that it is.

Riverston treats each child as an individual and tries to provide bespoke facilities and learning rather than requiring the child to comply with its regime. Tremendous effort and commitment by all staff.

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