Visit by the Ministry of Education, Saudi Arabia

Dr Haya Alawad, Deputy of Parallel Education for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Dr Mohammed Alogayil, Director of the Department of Gifted Students, Ms Yosrea, Supervisor in Special Needs Education, and Ms Latifah Alshowair, Educational Consultant, visited Riverston School on Thursday 24 January 2019. 

The purpose of the visit was to experience first hand, the exceptional work that the school does for pupils with additional needs as part of a fact finding mission. Through the British Council, and following the Education World Forum held in London, Riverston was chosen as one of only three schools in the UK for them to visit because of our successful, innovative, comprehensive and inclusive provision for students with SEND.

We were honoured to welcome them to school, and were able to discuss our unique provision and intervention strategies with these very important people.

It was a very successful visit, and the delegates were all very complimentary of the pupils, staff and school. It is hoped that this will be the start of a very positive and beneficial relationship between Riverston School and the Ministry of Education of Saudi Arabia.