Term Dates

2023/2024 Academic Year Term Dates

Spring Term
Inset DayThursday 4th January 2024
Inset DayFriday 5th January 2024
Start of TermMonday 8th January 2024
Half term startMonday 12th February 2024
Half term endFriday 16th February 2024
End of TermThursday 28th March 2024
Summer Term
Inset DayMonday 15th April 2024
Start of TermTuesday 16th April 2024
Half term startMonday 27th May 2024
Half term endFriday 31st May 2024
End of TermFriday 5th July 2024
Inset Day

Autumn 2024
Inset DayMonday 2nd September 2024
Inset DayTuesday 3rd September 2024
Start of TermWednesday 4th September 2024
Half Term StartMonday 21st October 2024
Half Term EndFriday 1st November 2024
End of TermFriday 13th December 2024
Spring 2025
Staff Inset DayThursday 2nd January 2025
Staff Inset Day Friday 3rd January 2025
Start of Term Monday 6th January 2025
Half Term StartMonday 17th February 2025
Half Term EndFriday 21st February 2025
End of TermFriday 4th April (noon)
Summer 2025
Inset DayMonday 7th July
Start of TermTuesday 22nd April 2025
Half Term StartMonday 26th May 2025
Half Term EndFriday 30th May 2025
End of TermFriday 4th July 2025 (noon)

"Right from our very first contact you have been thoughtful, professional and clear. Your ability to be child focused and go at our daughter's pace has reaped benefits for us all. "
Year 11 parent